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Mindless reality

nieriel's randomness

24 July 1981
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cred for mood theme goes to lidi

some ppl call me crazy, some ppl look and wonder what the hell im on, some just stear clear...

but i am just a *normal* (Yeah right) girl who loves having a good time.

I like listening to music *Who doesn't* some music i like is.... korn, live, Ghost of the robot, Four star mary, Vast, Adema, Manson, Silverchair.. and lots of others..basically, i like rock/metal/allternative

I would say im ADDICTED to buffy and angel and i DO NOT want a cure ;) James marsters is totaly drool worthy, but then so are nick and christian... * drools*

recently fallen for john barrowman aka jack harkness from torchwood... not sure about the show yet... ive seen all of season 2 so far and... still undecided... but deffenlty a john fan:P

hmmm nathan fillion yummy, jensen ackles super yummy :P

i have both a facebook, and a myspace,
If u wanna know more just ask